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Machado, Emily

Emily Machado

Assistant Professor

Malone, Krista-Lee

Krista-Lee Malone

Teaching Faculty

McDonald, Peter

Peter McDonald

Assistant Professor

McKinney de Royston, Maxine

Maxine McKinney de Royston

Associate Professor

Murphy, Jen

Jen Murphy

Teaching Faculty

O’Sullivan, Cathy

Cathy O'Sullivan

Administrative Assistant/Timetable

Olson, Mark

Mark Olson

Teaching Faculty

Pope, Terri

Terri Pope

Administrative Assistant/Elementary Education

Popkewitz, Thomas

Tom Popkewitz


Ramberg, Erica

Erica Ramberg

Faculty Associate

Randolph Jr., Linwood (L. J.)

L. J. Randolph

Assistant Professor

Rogers, Kaycee

Kaycee Rogers

Teaching Faculty

Román, Diego

Diego Román

Assistant Professor

Rudolph, John

John Rudolph


Russ, Rosemary

Rosemary Russ

Associate Professor

Schweber, Simone

Simone Schweber

Goodman Professor of Education and Jewish Studies

Sigurslid, Lisa

Lisa Sigurslid

Department Administrator

Stege, Melanie

Melanie Stege

Administrative Specialist

Tegart, Thomas

Thomas Tegart

Graduate Program Coordinator

Tochon, François

François Tochon

Professor, Emeritus

Udvari-Solner, Alice

Alice Udvari-Solner

Faculty Associate, Emeritus

Vieira, Kate

Kate Vieira

Professor (Susan J. Cellmer Distinguished Chair in Literacy)