Visiting Scholars Program

This program is intended for researchers and/or scholars from international locations post-Ph.D. faculty or Ph.D. students who serve as faculty at international institutions who wish to work with a specific faculty member within The Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I). It is intended to support the advancement of a visiting scholar’s research and scholarship and/or to enable collaborative research and planning with a C&I faculty member.

Visiting scholars may engage in various activities while in residence. Individual plans are made with the faculty host. Activities may include: making use of library holdings and other scholarly resources; attending on- and off-campus meetings and events. Planning and meeting regularly with the faculty host is an important component of the program.

Duration: The duration of stay is determined in consultation with the hosting faculty member.  Scholars typically are in residence for either an academic semester or a full academic year.

Cost: There is a one-time administrative fee of $300to be paid upon the issuance of the DS-2019.  All living expenses while at UW-Madison are the responsibility of the Visiting Scholar.  Please visit this webpage, which explains the amount of financial support you must have as a Visiting Scholar.

Program Process

Step #1. Choosing a faculty member to work with

You identify a faculty member in C&I who shares your scholarly and research interests. This program is particularly appropriate for those who may already be in contact with a specific faculty member with whom you wish to work, or who have engaged with a specific faculty member’s work. You request the faculty member to host you as a visiting scholar via email, sending the following:

  • A letter of inquiry detailing your academic position, your qualifications, why you wish to come, the focus of your research, what you wish to accomplish as a visiting scholar at UW-Madison, , a plan of study, and the intended length of stay.
  • A current Curriculum Vita
  • Evidence of Proficiency in English

Step #2. Approval process

The potential host faculty member must first agree to work with you, then will sponsor your application for approval from the Department of Curriculum & Instruction’s Executive Committee.  Executive Committee meetings are held monthly during the 9-month academic year. Once the department has approved your application, our department administrator will submit your information to the School of Education Global Engagement Office which secures approval from the School of Education and will email you an invitation letter to come as a visiting scholar.

Step #3. Submission of documents

Upon receiving SoE approval, you will be contacted by an administrator in the SoE Global Engagement Office, who will work to create a sponsorship request with the International Faculty and Staff Services (IFSS) Office. IFSS uses an online system to collect documentation for the DS-2019 which is called Terra Dotta.  Terra Dotta  will be where you will submit the following documents for your DS-2019 application:

  • the dates that you will arrive and depart the United States
  • documentation of financial support for yourself, and if applicable your dependents, while here
  • a copy of your passport identity page (with photo)
  • copies of your higher education diplomas with English translations
  • evidence of English proficiency
  • if your spouse or child is accompanying you, copies of their passport identity pages, marriage certificate, and birth certificates with English translation
  • spouses and children will be issued J-2 Visas to come as dependents

Once we have completed processing your DS-2019, you will receive an email from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s IFSS office with specific information about your visit and IFSS will send the hard copy of the DS-2019 and information pertaining to your visa to you via UPS, so that you may apply for your J-1 Visa.

Step #4: Payment of processing fee (online)

Upon issuance of your DS-2019 by the International Faculty and Staff Services Office, a member of the Global Engagement Office will send you a link to the payment page and information on how to complete your payment.

Step #5: Planning

You are required to arrange for your own housing while in the US.  The University Housing website may be a helpful resource. Please look under the “Graduate and Families” tab.

Most short-term housing available in Madison is unfurnished. Please be prepared to purchase the basic furniture that you will need during your stay in Madison.

Step #6: Concluding your stay

At the end of your stay we request that you provide us with a brief report detailing your activities while here, gains made in your scholarship and research, and an evaluation of your experience.

You are also required to ensure that your end-date in the Terra Dotta system is accurate. Please log in to your Terra Dotta account to verify your program end-date.