Emily Machado

Assistant Professor


Machado, Emily

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Emily Machado studies the teaching and learning of literacy in multilingual early childhood classrooms. Her current research explores the ways in which young children use the breadth of their communicative resources (e.g., languages, literacies, cultural practices) in and through their writing. A former first grade teacher, she is deeply interested in making classroom spaces more equitable, inclusive, and humanizing for all young children.


  • PhD Curriculum & Instruction, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2018
  • MAT English for Speakers of other Languages, American University, 2011
  • BS Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University, 2009

Select Publications

  • Machado, E., & Flores, T. T. (2021). Picturebook creators as translingual writing mentors. Language Arts
  • Machado, E., & Hartman, P. (2021). “It took us a long time to go here”: Creating space for young children’s transnationalism in an early writers’ workshop. Reading Research Quarterly, 56(4), 693-714.
  • Machado, E., & Gonzales, G. C. (2020). “I can write in my language and switch back and forth?”: Elementary teacher candidates experiencing and enacting translanguaging pedagogies in a literacy methods class. Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice, 69(1), 211-229.
  • Machado, E., & Hartman, P. (2020). “I want to be pè Adedayo”: Young children enacting resistance in/through translingual writing about their names. Research in the Teaching of English, 54(4), 342-366.
  • Machado, E., Schutz, K. M., & Scane, C. D. (2019). Centering multilingualism in elementary writing: Considerations for school and literacy leaders. English Leadership Quarterly, 42(2), 2-6.
  • Machado, E., Woodard, R., Coppola, R., & Vaughan, A. (2019). Cultivating opportunities for young adolescents to use multilingual and multicultural resources in school writing. Voices from the Middle, 26(4), 35-40.
  • Taylor, K., Taylor, E., Hartman, P., Woodard, R., Vaughan, A., Coppola, R., Rocha, D., & Machado, E. (2019). Expanding repertoires of resistance: Teachers cultivating critical English language arts pedagogies through collaborative narrative inquiry. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 18(2), 188-203.
  • Hartman, P., & Machado, E. (2019). Language, race, and critical conversations in a primary- grade writers’ workshop. The Reading Teacher, 73(3), 313-323.
  • Machado, E., & Hartman, P. (2019). Translingual writing in a linguistically diverse primary classroom. Journal of Literacy Research, 51(4), 480-503.
  • Woodard, R., Vaughan, A., & Machado, E. (2017). Exploring culturally sustaining writing pedagogy in urban classrooms. Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice, 66, 215-231.

Select Awards and Honors

  • Early Career Award, Language and Social Processes Special Interest Group, American Educational Research Association, 2020
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award, Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education Special Interest Group, American Educational Research Association, 2019
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award, Second Language Research Special Interest Group, American Educational Research Association, 2019