Christopher Kirchgasler

Assistant Professor

(608) 890-0909

456A Teacher Education Building

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Kirchgasler, Christopher

My research examines the historical and comparative qualities of schooling, particularly as they relate to notions of inclusion, equity, and justice. I direct attention to how contemporary school reforms are haunted by colonial residues that animate what are seen and acted on as the “problems” of individual and social development. This work has been published in the American Educational Research Journal and Comparative Education Review.

I work in the area of Curriculum and Global Studies and teach courses in Curriculum and Instruction at the graduate and undergraduate levels, specializing in post-structural theories and methodologies in education. I am affiliated with the African Studies Program and the Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies. Prior to joining the department, I was Assistant Professor of Curriculum Studies at the University of Kansas.


  • Ph D Curriculum & Instruction, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2017
  • BA French, University of Utah, 2007
  • BA English, University of Utah, 2002

Select Publications

  • Kirchgasler, C., & Desai, K. (2020) “Girl” in crisis: Colonial residues of domesticity in transnational school reforms Comparative Education Review, 64(3), 384-403. Online Publication/Abstract.
  • Kirchgasler, C. (2019) Haunted data: The colonial residues of transnational school reforms in Kenya. The Educational Intelligent Economy: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things in Education Bingley: Emerald Online Publication/Abstract.
  • Kirchgasler, C. (2018) True Grit? Making a scientific object and pedagogical tool American Educational Research Journal, 55(4), 693–720. Online Publication/Abstract.
  • Popkewitz, T. S., Diaz, J., & Kirchgasler, C. (2017) A Political Sociology of Educational Knowledge: Studies of Exclusion and Difference, 268. New York: Routledge Online Publication/Abstract.

Select Presentations

  • Kirchgasler, C., & Desai, K., AERA Annual Meeting, "Domestic products: Historicizing the desire for the educated girl (accepted, conference cancelled)" (2020), San Francisco, CA
  • Kirchgasler, C., & Sitomaniemi-San, J., Comparative and International Education Society Annual Meeting, "The genius of 'curiosity': Towards a genealogy of a scientific-pedagogic object of educational reform (accepted, conference cancelled)" (2020), San Francisco, CA
  • Kirchgasler, C., After the crisis. Migration, education and employment in an interdisciplinary light, "The end(s) of inclusion: The colonial residues of the global learning crisis." (2019), Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Kirchgasler, C., & Desai, K., Comparative and International Education Society Annual Meeting, "“Girls” in Crisis: Colonial Residues of Transnational School Reforms in Kenya" (2019), San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Kirchgasler, C., Curriculum & Pedagogy Annual Conference, "Literacy for (Not) All: A Hauntology of a Transnational Imperative" (2019), McAllen, TX, USA

Select Awards and Honors

  • Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Semi-Finalist, National Academy of Education, 2019
  • Division B (Curriculum Studies) Dissertation Recognition Award, American Educational Research Association (AERA), 2019