Erica Halverson


(608) 320-6056

144D Teacher Education Building

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Halverson, Erica

I am interested in how people learn in and through the arts across a range of art forms with a focus on the performing arts. I also run Whoopensocker, an artist-in-residence program working in Madison Public Schools.


  • Ph D Learning Sciences, Northwestern University, 2005


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  • Making as a discipline for learning in the 21st century Educational Researcher.
  • If you build it, who will come? Recruiting rural students to participate in computational thinking through makingin Journal of Science Education and Technology
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  • (2018) The Maker Movement and Learningin The International Handbook of the Learning Sciences, Chapter 28, (285-294). New York: Routledge.


  • 2019 Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference, "The role of asynchronous digital feedback in youth maker projects" (2019)
  • UW Diversity Forum, "America to Me Panel" (2018), Madison, WI
  • Maker Education Symposium, "Assessment of learning and engagement through making" (2018), San Jose, CA
  • Milwaukee Maker Faire Educators Conference, "The Arts and Maker Movement" (2018), Milwaukee, WI
  • Madison Metropolitan School District Power Up Conference, "The Maker Movement in education: Hyping for Power Up!" (2018), Madison, WI
  • AERA Annual Meeting, "EMMET – Exploring Making through Mobile Emerging Technologies. Education through Making and Mentoring" (2018), New York, NY
  • AERA Annual Meeting, "Measuring making in drop-in spaces: Bubbler @ Madison Public Libraries" (2018), New York, NY
  • National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, "How the arts can transform education" (2018), Pittsburgh, PA
  • Wisconsin Public Television’s Education Innovation Summit, "Media production in the classroom. Why? And why now?" (2018), Pittsburgh, PA

Awards and Honors

  • Grand Challenges Engage Grant - UW Arts Collaboratory, School of Education, 2018
  • Grand Challenges Engage Grant - What the Moon Saw, School of Education, 2018
  • 2018 Postdoc Mentoring Award, UW-Madison's Postdoctoral Association, 2018