Margaret Hawkins


(608) 263-4667

456B Teacher Education Building

225 N Mills St

Madison, WI 53706-1707

Hawkins, Margaret

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Margaret R. Hawkins focuses on language, mobility and education, exploring languages, literacies and learning in classroom, home, and community-based settings in domestic and global contexts. She works locally and internationally with schools, NGOs, communities and institutions of higher education in a variety of capacities.

Select Publications

  • Hawkins, M. R., (2019). Plurilingual learners and schooling: A sociocultural perspective. De Oliveira, L.C. (Ed.), Handbook of TESOL in K-12 Hoboken NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
  • Hawkins, M. R., & Mori, J. (2018). Considering ‘trans-’ perspectives in language theories and practice. Applied Linguistics, 39(1), 1-8.
  • Hawkins, M. R., (2018). Transmodalities and transnational encounters: Fostering critical cosmopolitan relations. Applied Linguistics, 39(1), 55-77.
  • Hawkins, M. R., & Cannon, A. (2017). Mobility, language & schooling. Canagarajah, A.S. (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Migration and Language New York NY: Routledge Press.
  • Hawkins, M. R., (2014). Ontologies of Place, Creative Meaning Making and Cosmopolitan Education. Curriculum Inquiry, 44(1), 90 - 113.
  • Hawkins, M. R., (2013). Framing Languages and Literacies: Socially Situated Views and Perspectives. Framing Languages and Literacies: Socially Situated Views and Perspectives Routledge Press.
  • Hawkins, M. R., (2011). Social Justice Language Teacher Education. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.
  • Hawkins, M. R., & Norton, B. (2009). Critical Language Teacher Education. Richards & Burns (Eds.), Cambridge Guide to Second Language Teacher Education Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Hawkins, M. R., (2005). Becoming a student: Identity work and academic literacies in early schooling. TESOL Quarterly, 39(1), 59-80.
  • Hawkins, M. R., (2004). Researching English language and literacy development in schools. Educational Researcher, 33(3), 14-25.

Select Presentations

  • Hawkins, M. R. (2019). Transmodalities: Global Youth Negotiating Place, Identity and Positioning in Translocal and Transnational Communications. presented at the , Atlanta, GA.
  • Hawkins, M. R. (2018). Exploring Multimodalities: Language, Semiotics and New Media Engagements. presented at the , Chicago, IL.
  • Hawkins, M. R. (2018). Transmodalities: Conceptualizing Semiotic Affordances in Transnational Communications. presented at the , London and Birmingham UK, Barcelona Spain.

Select Awards and Honors

  • Erwin Zolt Digital Literacy Game Changer Award, International Literacy Award (ILA), 2019
  • Leadership Through Research Award, Second Language Research Special Interest Group (SIG), American Educational Research Association (AERA), 2019
  • Honored Instructor, University of Wisconsin Housing, 2018
  • Global Citizen of the Year Award, United Nations Association, Dane County Chapter, 2017