Mary Louise Gomez


(608) 263-6527

456D Teacher Education Building

225 N Mills St

Madison, WI 53706-1707

Gomez, Mary


  • Ph D Curriculum and Instruction (Teacher Education), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1985
  • M Ed Curriculum and Instruction (with teacher certification K-6), University of Vermont, 1975
  • BA Political Science, University of Vermont, 1974

Select Publications

  • Gomez, M. L., & Lachuk, A. S. (2019) Emotions, teaching, and teacher education, and social justice Teachers College Record Yearbook Series
  • Gomez, M. L., & Johnson Lachuk, A. (2018) Cultivating an informed empathy: An aspiring teacher examines his talk and actions The European Educational Researcher, 1(2), 23-39.
  • Gomez, M. L. (2018) Critically reflecting on the discourses that guide our thinking, speaking, and actions: Developing a new literacy. Scholars Speak Out (an invited submission). Journal of Language and Literacy Online Publication/Abstract.
  • Gomez, M. L., & Lachuk, A. S. (2018) “The roar that lies on the other side of silence”: Developing dissonance, uncertainty, and compassion for diverse learners in aspiring teachers Teaching Education Online Publication/Abstract.
  • Gomez, M. L. (2016) The promise and limits of service learning: How are aspiring teachers of color and those who are children of Immigrants affected? Journal of Educational Thought and Practice, 6(1), 19-32.
  • Gomez, M. L., Johnson Lachuk, A., & Powell, S. N. (2015) The interplay between service learning and the ideological becoming of aspiring educators who are marked as different Teaching and Teacher Education, 47, 162-172.
  • Gomez, M. L., Ocasio, K., Johnson Lachuk, A., & Powell, S. N. (2015) The “battlefield”: life histories of two higher education staff members of color Urban Review, 47(4), 676-695.
  • Gomez, M. L. (2014) Examining discourses of an aspiring teacher of color in the figured world of schooling Teacher Education Quarterly, 41(1), 45-62.
  • Gomez, M. L., Carlson, J. R., Foubert, J., & Powell, S. N. (2014) It’s not them; it’s me: Contradictions in aspiring teachers’ consciousness Teaching Education, 25(3), 334-347.